The Super Deduction Corporation Tax Relief Scheme

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Companies of all sizes can benefit from the Super Deduction – it could pay to invest in your company’s growth in the next two years.

From April 1 2021 for 2 years companies can offset 130% of qualifying spending on plant and machinery against their taxable profit in that first year.

SMEs’ deposits rose 20% to £252bln in the pandemic; the Super-Deduction encourages businesses to spend, in turn driving economic activity and productivity.

  •         Applies to all asset types, New and not Used
  •        No limit on purchases
  •        Cash, loans or Asset Finance purchases
  •        Company cars not included
  •        Claw back may apply to assets sold during the period

Example: Spend £50,000 on assets, offset 130% against taxable profits = £65,000

At 19% Corporation Tax rate = Tax Saving of £12,350

(£50,000 x 130%) x19% = £12,350

Take your accountant’s advice for your business, but it could be worthwhile re-considering plans that had been shelved during the pandemic, or bringing forward plans?

Assets could drive growth in your business and the economy forward again.


Mark Grant, April 2021.                    01636 614 014