Key Facts: The Recovery Loan Scheme

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Launched: 6th April 2021 for applications

Launched with 18 accredited lenders, expecting up to 100 lenders to participate

In summary the RLS is a funding solution “where finance is not available under a normal commercial basis”.

The scheme replaces the BBLS, CBILS and CLBILS schemes:

·     Term Loan funding starts at £25,001 up to 6 years
·        Invoice and Asset Finance starts at £1,000
·        Scheme limited to £10m per company, or £30m per group

Scheme is a “top up” to existing BBLS and CBILS loans – total amount that can be accessed under all schemes guided by:

  •         2 x wage bill or 25% of Turnover for 2019 or justified 18 months cash flow requirements

For example, if ABC Ltd had turnover of £800,000 in 2019, then their maximum total Covid support schemes’ borrowing could be £200,000. If they had already accessed a CBILS loan for £100,000 then, subject to credit assessment, they may be eligible for £100,000 funding under the Recovery Loan Scheme.

Some scheme rules are the same:

  • NO PG taken on loans up to £250k
  • Borrowers private residence cannot be taken as security
  • 80% Government guarantee to the lender

Some changes to the rules:

  •          No interest free period for the borrower
  •          The business responsible for all fees associated with the loan
  •          No automatic payment holidays up front for all borrowers
  •         No minimum turnover or time incorporated

Proposals will be considered for all sound business and economic reasons – every application to be fully credit assessed. 

Mark Grant, April 2021.                 01636 614 014