Fiducia talks Cash Flow Loans

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In this series of #LoveLending, Fiducia will explain the different kinds of cash flow lending solutions that we specialise in and how it can be used to help your business. 
Cashflow finance can be used in many ways, including; working capital, recruitment, expansion, specific project funding and so much more.

Dependent on your business needs, how the funds will be used and how long you require the finance for will affect what type of lending suits you. We have highlighted two of the solutions we regularly source.

Unsecured business loans, this is ideal for businesses that are looking for short-term finance. We can generally look to secure up to £200,000 against the strength of the business and with no security there is no need for valuations and solicitors. This type of finance is usually arranged within 2 weeks making it ideal for quick acquisitions or working capital needs.
Invoice finance, is ideal for businesses that require cash flow assistance when customers are given time to pay their invoice. Funders will release up to 80% of the invoice value on day one allowing your business to continue to grow rather than waiting up to 90 days for payments from the customers. This type of finance is ideal for rapidly growing businesses and will help them keep up with demand.

Fiducia Success Story:
Mr V is a retail wholesaler selling clothes to retailers including New look, Debenhams,, ASOS, Tesco are many more. He required £30,000 to increase his stock supplies to support the demand. Fiducia were able to arrange this loan for the client at a rate of 11.65% over 2 years. We recently contacted Mr V and he is getting on really well and the additional finance has helped him increase his stock which in turn will increase his profits.
If you are looking to expand your business our consultants at Fiducia Commercial Solutions can advise and organise cash flow funding for you, so give us an email or request a callback today for advice.