Commercial Mortgages Are More Than Meet The Eye – Literally!

Commercial Mortgages Are More Than Meet The Eye – Literally! The term ‘commercial mortgages’ is a wrapper for number of different property related finance products. As a business we use it to describe a large amount of the work that we do for clients – and the industry commonly uses this terminology. The trouble with […]

Funding Your Business – From ‘Cradle to Grave’..

Funding Your Business – From ‘Cradle to Grave’.. I’m not on this occasion talking about funding premises for an early years’ childcare business, or a 30 bed elderly care home – but if you are looking for that then my e-mail is at the foot of this Blog! A lot of companies start their trading […]

Your Property Requirements, and Our First Assessment

Your Property Requirements, and Our First Assessment As soon as a client or introducer starts to relay to us the details of property requirements, the cogs start to whirl as we assess where the property sits with lenders’ criteria – and we aim to quickly arrive at whether your expectations of the requirements can be […]

Could Your Business Recover Quicker or Grow More With Same Day Payment Terms?

As you plan for 2022 and beyond, what will allow your business to recover quicker or grow more moving forward? Are you resolving to ease the cash flow pressure on your business in 2022? How much pressure would be lifted on your working capital if you could close the gap between paying your overheads, wages, […]

Conserving Cash Flow in 2022 Is Self Preservation For Your Business

As a business owner, director or manager 22 months into a global pandemic, you will by now be very well aware that thinking about cash flow conservation isn’t just in the court of your accountant, FD or accounts team; it is about self preservation and keeping the doors of your business open. The Covid-19 pandemic […]

Fixing The Rate Of Your Commercial Mortgage – The Ship Hasn’t Sailed

A few days on from an interest rate hike I’d ask you whether the benefits of looking to fix the rate of your commercial mortgage still outweigh the down sides – and suggest that they do. From twelve months ago, when the Bank of England was sounding out banks and financial services companies on how […]

Run A Business? Resolve To Give Yourself A Break This New Year.

  Like everyone, I am hoping that the major supermarket chain’s advert “This Christmas, nothing’s stopping us” is spot on, and the Omicrom variant does not require further restrictions to come in to force that would limit our ability to spend this year with family and loved ones. The decorations have been up for a […]


  A Guide To Our Range Of Commercial Finance Solutions For Trading Businesses From All Sectors, Property Investors and Developers. Fiducia Commercial Solutions can source a wide range of commercial finance options for your company in products under headings like Commercial Property, Investment Property, Development Finance and Business Finance – but what does that mean […]